NYRA and board member Keith Mandell are sponsoring “Make NYRA Famous,” a contest to see who can create the best NYRA TV ad. We are looking
for talented, creative members and supporters to create our very first
TV ad, which will be aired on Washington DC cable this fall on
stations like CNN and MTV. The ad should focus on NYRA’s efforts to
lower the voting age, and will air in time for the 2008 presidential
elections. The best ad will receive a $100 prize and will air on TV
this fall; all other quality ads will be published on NYRA’s website,
YouTube, blogs, and elsewhere on the Internet.

To volunteer, or if you have any questions, please contact Keith. If you can’t shoot an ad yourself, you can
still contribute to this exciting project by donating to NYRA so that the ad can run on more stations. We would like to receive all entries by September 1, to ensure
that the best ad will air in October, before the election. Get more info about the contest here.

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