A great deal has been written about youth rights theory, and about
educational theory that is pertinent to youth rights. Authors such as
John Holt, Richard Farson, and Mike Males have written works of great
importance that all youth rights activists should read. It is also
essential that youth rights supporters understand civil rights
movements that came before the youth rights movement, so that they
might learn from their example.

Realizing this, NYRA has created a book club. Members will read books
about youth rights, civil rights, and things of this nature. The
books will be discussed over an email mailing list. This is a chance
for NYRA members to read works that are very close to the heart of the
organization, and to engage in thought provoking discussion with
like-minded individuals. The book club will soon be reading “How Children Learn” by John Holt.
This is one of Holt’s earlier works, and it is among his most popular.
It should be available at most public libraries. If you are
interested in the book club, please email Alex Koroknay-Palicz.

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