NYRA advisor Robert Epstein and NYRA Executive Director Alex Koroknay-Palicz have created the first National Youth Rights Day. The day, the first of its kind, will take place on April 14, 2010. This ground breaking event promises to be an opportunity to come together for the movement and a chance to bring youth rights into the news. NYRA and Dr. Epstein have begun inviting other prominent youth rights organization and supporters to co-sponsor this day. While expected to be a small event this year, it is hoped by all involved that National Youth Rights Day will continue to grow in future years. April 14 is the birthday of esteemed youth rights and unschooling pioneer, John Holt. This spring Epstein’s new book, Teen 2.0, will hit shelves. It is the hope of all that the first annual National Youth Rights Day will help put the spotlight on the rights of youth and expose more people to the important arguments made in Teen 2.0. Mark your calendars because April 14, 2010 is sure to be a good day for youth rights.

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