NYRA is beginning a local advertising campaign in Abilene, Texas to initiate reforms towards a lower drinking age and to raise awareness of youth rights.

This campaign will direct Texas residents to the NYRA site where they can find answers to their frequently asked questions, get legal research on drinking age laws for all 50 states, read the history of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, and get lots of research studies and papers on the drinking age.

The campaign intends to build awareness of the fact that over 962 men and women in uniform under twenty-one have died in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for their country, never to be respected under the law as equal members of American society because of current minimum legal drinking age legislation. Because of the arbitrary discrimination of the drinking age law, our troops serve us without us being able to serve them.

San Angelo resident and NYRA member Adam Zarnowski explained the campaign, “The goal is to raise awareness about the failure of the 21-year-old drinking age and show support for our young men and women in uniform. The members of our military are just one example of the many ways in which responsible young people prove themselves unworthy of the negative stereotypes we have about youth.”

Students, parents, workers, soldiers, artists, teachers and 18 to 20 year old citizens in every corner of our nation lead responsible, productive lives and are treated as adults in nearly every other way except the ability to buy alcohol. It makes no sense to say an average 19 year old is mature enough to buy a house, get married, own a gun and go to Afghanistan but isn’t mature enough to have a can of beer. NYRA strongly believes it is time to lower the drinking age.

NYRA President Jeffrey Nadel stated, “The 21-year-old drinking age has been a discriminatory failure. For America’s military and civilian population alike, it is time to lower the drinking age.”

The billboard will run from September 12 through November 6 near the corner of Mocking Bird Lane and N 10th St in Abilene.