NYRA has been without an office for quite some time. Many months ago Fair Vote agreed to let us use one of their rooms, but we knew this was not a permanent arrangement, and the office was never truly ours. But due to the generosity of the Babson Foundation and NYRA members, our organization has a place to call home.

NYRA has rented a room on the 9th floor of an office building in the heart of DC’s business district, only a block and a half off K Street. The office is already furnished with desks, chairs, and computers. NYRA now has access to a copy room, a kitchenette, and two conference rooms. We are located near the Farragut North Metro stop on DC’s red line. The World Bank and IMF are within walking distance, as is the White House on a nice day. Rent is $500 a month. NYRA activists looked at several offices in the DC area, and agreed that this one was by far the best in our price range.

The office is essential for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, it lends us credibility. It also provides NYRA’s Executive Director and President with a professional work environment, and without an office it is very difficult to hire interns.

In retrospect the day we moved in to this office will mark the end of NYRA’s poorly funded Internet based era and the beginning of an unprecedented period of growth for NYRA and progress for youth rights. We extend our sincere gratitude to David Smith of Mobilizing America’s Youth, Common Cause, the Babson Foundation, and all the NYRA members who were kind enough to donate money or computer equipment.

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