After much work applying for grants this year by NYRA’s Executive Director, Alex Koroknay-Palicz, one foundation, the Susan A. and Donald P. Babson Charitable Foundation has awarded NYRA a grant. The foundation invited NYRA to submit a full proposal and said that we should hear back in a few months. On December 8, NYRA heard back, receiving its first significant grant. This one grant nearly equals our entire budget for the 05-06 term, and is eight times more money than we have ever received at one time. The money will go toward a number of things, but building the organizational infrastructure necessary to challenge the voting age in a serious and effective way will be a priority. Much of the grant will go towards renting office space in the prestigious area near K street in downtown Washington, DC. The space is made available to NYRA thanks to Common Cause and Mobilizing America’s Youth who NYRA will be sharing space with. This is arguably the best thing that has ever happened to NYRA. If the membership follows through and continues to donate time and money, this could go down as a watershed moment in the movement’s history.

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