Tonight, NYRA President Jeffrey Nadel, appeared on national television to debate NY State Sen. Eric Adams about his new video calling on parents to routinely search through the rooms of their kids for guns and drugs. Nadel did a fantastic job, and in response to his common sense and fact based argument the flustered Senator could only respond with, “I’m an adult, I have an obligation and a responsibility not to look to stats to try to beautify or to give a dream environment.”

Watch the whole interview here:


  1. The most heartbreaking thing is attitudes like this that start toward teenagers eventually filter up toward adults. Increasingly, the right to drive within the United States, uninhibited by government interference, search and seizure, is under assault. Just google Constitution Free Zone. This crap starts with teens, gets them used to the idea of living in a police state with no expectation of privacy, then follows them into adulthood as the nanny state continues to metastasize.

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