The National Youth Rights Association has decided to air its first ever television ad. The ad seeks support for lowering the voting age to 16. The ad will run in the Washington, DC market in late October on the popular channels CNN, Comedy Central, MSNBC, MTV, VH1, and Cartoon Network. We hope to target both young people and influential leaders in our nation’s capitol. We will be running the ad a total of 50 times. To run the ad we need your help. To make this ad a reality we need to raise $2,396 for the airtime. We are holding an online fundraiser to raise the $2,396 needed to make this ad a reality. You can watch the ad on YouTube. To help get this on the air, please make a generous donation to support the project.

This is an important moment for the youth rights movement, for the first time NYRA is purchasing television ads to get our message out. We hope this will bring many new people to the cause, show the world that NYRA is serious about lowering the voting age, and bring in new donors who haven’t given to us in the past. “This is the perfect time to highlight the disenfranchisement of youth,” says Alex Koroknay-Palicz, NYRA’s Executive Director, “With the election less than two months away and much of the country preparing to vote and decide the course of this nation for years to come it is important we focus attention on the millions of Americans left out of this process.” This ad won’t run without your help! Your donations will make this ad happen. Help us raise the $2,396 we need to put this ad on the air! Your dollars will put this well-made on the air 50 times. Donate today!

NYRA is not only campaigning for youth voice in politics, we put it in practice. The ad was selected from various ads submitted by our membership for this contest. The winning entry was written, filmed, and organized by NYRA-Southeast Florida a high school based chapter in Boca Raton.

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