On December 31st, former NYRA media director Brad White appeared on Fox
News to discuss the drinking age. The appearance, which came out of
nowhere and was arranged at the last minute, was wildly successful.
The show, “Your World with Cavuto” is very popular, and Fox is the most watched
cable news network. Brad’s appearance may have been seen by over a
million people, and is perhaps the most significant NYRA has ever had. Guest host Stewart Varney asked Brad some tough questions, and
misleading facts were presented on the screen. Brad however, held his
ground and delivered a good argument. He emphasized the fact that the
minimum legal drinking age has simply shifted the problem to another
demographic, and has not dealt with it. He also emphasized the need
for responsible drinking earlier in life, so people do not behave
irresponsibly when they turn twenty one. On the heels of Alex Koroknay-Palicz’s appearances on PBS and Fox News,
this is especially significant. With this exposure, and a more focused
media effort, it will be easier for NYRA to affect change.

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