For many years, NYRA did not have an office. The organization was run almost entirely from the homes and computers of its members. This changed when The Center for Voting and Democracy provided NYRA with an office in Takoma Park, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C. NYRA has also begun paying its Executive Director to work on youth rights full time. NYRA is looking to hire both a communications intern, and a youth legal research intern. Both positions are unpaid. The communications intern will help write and send press releases, write and solicit op-eds for youth rights related news stories, and generally help with all of NYRA’s activities in regard to the media. The Communications Intern must have strong oral and written communication skills. A journalism or public relations major is helpful but not required. The youth legal research intern will research laws that are pertinent to youth rights, and translate them in to plain English for the Youth Rights Network. If you live in the DC area and you are interested in either position, please email us.

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