Alex Koroknay-Palicz has been serving as NYRA’s President and Executive Director since the summer of 2000. Due to the success of NYRA’s recent fund raising contest, the board decided NYRA had enough money to pay Alex full time. Keith Mandell, the Chairman of the Compensation Committee, prepared a contract that hires Alex as an independent contractor for a three month period. The Committee approved the contract, and after slight revisions were made, the contract was approved by the full board on June 19th. Everyone in attendance understood the significance of what they had voted on; there have been no paid, full time youth rights activists in the United States since at least the mid 1990’s. This is a historic moment for NYRA. We are now successful enough to pay the head of our staff. NYRA will likely do many more great things now that Alex can devote more of his time to the movement. “NYRA’s hiring of Koroknay-Palicz is because for the first time ever, NYRA is able to hire an individual who can devote the necessary time to perform needed NYRA services” noted Keith Mandell, implying that we are only hiring Alex full time because we have an increased capacity to do such things.

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