NYRA has already gotten media publicity on the drinking age in the
past month since the creation of the Amethyst Initiative. Vice
President Stefan Muller did a radio interview in San Francisco on
August 19 and Executive Director Alex Koroknay-Palicz made radio
appearances in Pittsburgh on August 19 and Raleigh, NC on August 20.
During Koroknay-Palicz’s interview on Pittsburgh radio, a significant
majority of those who called into the show were on our side, which is
both amazing and inspiring. NYRA Media Communications Director Yonaton
Yares also did interviews with the Philadelphia Inquirer and a
newspaper in New Jersey.

On other issues, NYRA President Chip Sinton did a 30-minute radio
interview with a youth-run radio station in Lawrence, KS on August 23.
NYRA-Southeast Florida has generated a few press articles about
lowering the voting age, and we’ve had several articles nationally
about youth mall curfews. Additionally, NYRA has made several
appearances at Warped Tour over the past few weeks, tabling in
Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati and Washington, DC, recruiting over 250
new members.

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