NYRA members may begin to notice changes on the website and on the forums. In mid-November, James (Jim) Pleger joined the developers at NYRA to enhance the site. With the additional help, NYRA will become more integrated and user-friendly. He is currently studying Computer Information Systems (CIS) at a local college in Phoenix, Ariz. While attending school and working with NYRA, he is also employed at GoDaddy.com. “Youth rights are a huge thing to me, and I think that they are way too important to not have them,” Pleger said. “We had many other pieces to our tech puzzle with design people, other tech skilled staff,” Executive Director Alex Koroknay-Palicz said, “We just needed that one last person to complete it. I am very pleased to have Jim with us now.” Pleger is building a Development Team, to apply e-mail him.

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