In the midst of an active fight in New Jersey over Kyleigh’s Law, the US Senate is looking into imposing national driver’s license standards through the STAND UP ACT. This law, introduced in the Senate by Sens. Gillibrand, Dodd, and Klobuchar would effectively raise the age to get a driver’s permit to 16 and a full driver’s license to 18 in every state. Before 18, drivers would have passenger restrictions, a driving curfew and a ban on all use of cell phones while driving. The supporters of this bill claim it is in step with the direction the nation is going, however the vast majority of states are not on board with the requirements in this bill. In fact this law would raise the age for a learner’s permit in 41 states and raise the age for a full license in 32 states.

As with Kyleigh’s Law, NYRA has been actively speaking out against this new bill. Unlike Kyleigh’s Law, we can hopefully defeat this bill now, before it passes. NYRA representatives have been sought for comment by USA Today, Politico, Fox 29 WTFX in Philadelphia and NBC KARE 11 News in Minneapolis. The Detroit Free Press has printed an op-ed written by NYRA Executive Director, Alex Koroknay-Palicz opposing new restrictions in Michigan’s graduated driver’s license.

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