In early 2002 the US Congress passed the Bi-Partisan Campaign Reform Act, which made contributions to political parties or candidates by individuals under 18 illegal. On December 10, 2003 the Supreme Court struck down this onerous provision of the Campaign Reform Act. Some candidates for President haven’t gotten the message yet. Despite the fact it is now perfectly legal for individuals under 18 to donate money to political candidates, US Senator John Kerry, US Representative Dennis Kucinich, and the Reverand Al Sharpton all require donors to be over 18. NYRA intends to make sure these candidates know the law has changed, and that their requirement is age discrimination. We need everyone’s help. Please e-mail John Kerry, Al Sharpton, and Dennis Kucinich and tell them to stop discriminating against youth. Point them towards the US Supreme Court decision on the Campaign Reform Act, the relevant pages are 148 and 149. Also, contact and encourage them to do the same. They require individuals giving to Presidential candidates to be over 18 as well. Be sure to forward your e-mails to NYRA. John Edwards, Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, Joe Lieberman and George Bush all accept contributions from donors under 18.

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