NYRA is on track for meeting its goal of 12 new, active chapters this
year with the official formation of NYRA-Watkins Glen and the
NYRA-Pensacola Brigade. Based in upstate New York, NYRA-Watkins Glen
has already enjoyed some early press coverage in the local paper, the
Review & Express. Watkins Glen held a debate in conjunction with
their school’s history club. The topics they discussed included curfew
laws, voting age, and drinking age. It was a blowout success. Chapter
President Ben Stamp intends to lobby the county legislature regarding
curfew laws and the voting age.

The NYRA-Pensacola Brigade is NYRA’s newest chapter. Founded by
Travis Cummings, the chapter is making plans to participate in local
demonstrations, city council meetings, and petition projects. The
chapter has begun work on more flyers, with plans to distribute and
wheat paste them throughout Pensacola and Gulf Breeze. A news release
has gone out announcing the creation of the new chapter.

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