Every year NYRA members vote to elect a new board of directors. The board of directors is the highest governing body within NYRA. The board elects officers, approves budgets, and directs policy for NYRA. The candidates for the 2005-2006 NYRA board of directors are Robert Reynolds (incumbent), Keith Mandell (incumbent), Alex Koroknay-Palicz (incumbent), Scott Davidson (incumbent), Katrina Moncure, Rio Bauce, Svend la Rose, Pam Tatz, Chris Howell, Adam King, Jess Caralize, Jeff Odgis, Rory Stolzenberg, and Jay Leff. All of these candidates have at least some experience in the youth rights movement, and no matter what happens the board will have some excellent members. Candidates submitted bio statements and answered questionnaires that will be available to voters. Members also approve or disapprove bylaw changes and new positions adopted by the board over the past year. The ballot includes several bylaw amendments as well as positions on education and behavior modification.

This year the election began on July 6th, and will end on August 6th at the general meeting in New York City. NYRA currently has about 150 members who may vote in this election, which is around twice the number we had this time last year. All members are encouraged to participate in the election. If you have not paid your $10 membership dues, please do so. Members who have not paid their dues are not permitted to vote in the election. Also be sure to check out the NYRA Forums for more information.

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