Each year, NYRA members vote for nine candidates to serve on the Board of Directors. The board is NYRA’s highest governing body, and this annual election is of the utmost importance. Anyone is welcome to vote in the election or run for the board, so long as they have paid their membership dues. If you have not paid your dues, it is only ten dollars and you are strongly encouraged to do so. This year the election will begin on July 6th and end on August 6th. Several people have already announced their intention to run for the board. More are expected to announce their candidacy in the coming weeks. Since NYRA has grown so much over the past year and so many new members are taking an active role in the organization, this election will be the most competitive in NYRA’s history. A lot of election discussion is already taking place on the NYRA web forums, which members are always urged to visit. The election will culminate on August 6th, with a general meeting in New York City. Many youth rights activists from New York, Vermont, D.C., and elsewhere are expected to attend. The general meeting is always a fun event. Alex Koroknay-Palicz will read the annual report and announce the election results. This meeting is a great opportunity to meet other NYRA members face to face. Housing may be provided to members traveling great distances. More details will be posted when they become available.

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