In response to his frequent criticism of proposals to lower the voting age, NYRA officially challenges Curtis Gans, director of the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate to a debate on the issue. In a Boston Globe article that NYRA appeared in on September 9, Curtis Gans had this to say about lowering the voting age “I think it’s a terminally dumb idea.” Once again, when NYRA appeared in a great article from AOL/, “You’re dealing with people who don’t have any knowledge of or any stake in our democracy,” said Curtis Gans. A week later, when NYRA Board Member Kathleen Miller appeared on RNN TV, Mr. Gans was there to again call lowering the voting age a “terminally dumb idea.” Most recently, this month Curtis Gans makes an appearance, criticizing the “terminal dumbness” of lowering the voting age in California. Since Gans shows up everywhere NYRA does to call our ideas “terminally dumb”, NYRA publicly challenges Curtis Gans to a debate, any time, any place. If Mr. Gans can sustain a debate beyond his “terminally dumb” catch-phrase it promises to be an entertaining and educational debate.

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