On Sunday, September 3rd, NYRA’s new Board of Directors held its first meeting. The Board elected Scott Davidson, former Secretary, to serve as President. The board elected Adam King as Vice President. Zach Hobesh of NYRA-Berkeley is now NYRA’s Treasurer, and Rich Jahn while not a board member this year, is once again NYRA’s Secretary, returning to a position he held a few years ago. The board also approved a pair of resolutions allowing non-director officers to sit on board committees, and reapproved a bylaw defining NYRA’s chapters as separate legal entities. Later, the board engaged in a somewhat controversial discussion regarding standards on the forums. Most of the board agreed that there should be some limits regarding what can be posted on NYRA’s web forums. Toward the end of the meeting, the discussion moved toward the possibility of protests in November, and other action steps to move the organization forward.

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