NYRA Berkeley made history when it helped launch a campaign to lower the voting age in California. The chapter’s efforts coincided with a bill proposed by State Senator John Vasconcellos to lower the state’s voting age to 16. While the bill was eventually abandoned, many of its key supporters are still members of the California Legislature. NYRA-Vice President Robert Reynolds has been hard at work, trying to convince local politicians to reintroduce SCA 19, the voting age bill. NYRA-Berkeley members have been sending letters to California Senate Majority Leader Don Perata, urging him to support and revive this important legislation. Estimates for the number of letters sent so far range between five and seven hundred. Much of the credit goes to NYRA member Rio Bauce, who collected a copious amount of signatures, and secured an important media contact for NYRA. For more information on how you can contact members of the California State Senate, and for a copy of a form letter you can sign, please email Robert Reynolds.

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