A new chapter out of California, NYRA Thacher, just held their first meeting on March 27. Sara Brody, who started the chapter, said only five people attended but a better turnout was expected for the next meeting. She thinks the meeting sparked the interest of the people who attended and that they will become more involved in the future. NYRA Thacher does not currently have a specific issue that it plans to focus on. A lot of talk was focused on gulag schools and on emancipation rights but those will not be the only concerns of the chapter.

Sara attends The Thacher School, a college prepatory boarding school, where she is a freshman. The Thacher administration gave her no trouble about forming the chapter and were facilitating it. Sara says she has always been interested in civil rights and when she was young her parents encouraged her to question unjust authority. She had previously campaigned for student rights but did not stumble upon NYRA until recently while researching the civil liberties of young people. She believes that “…NYRA is a great organization and I’m very excited to be a part of it.”

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