Great news, New Hampshire has joined Vermont and Wisconsin in introducing bills to lower the drinking age. Unlike Vermont though, the New Hampshire bill covers just those serving in the military. So if you are 18 and in the military you could legally drink in New Hampshire. Its a positive step forward at least.

Most exciting I think is the fact that the person who introduced this bill is the same person who introduced the bill in 1983 to raise the drinking age to 21 in the first place:

“I do want to offer the observation that I am in favor of a legal drinking age for everyone of 18, regardless of military service,” Splaine said. “I decided to introduce this bill specifically for members of the armed forces because I think it is especially unconscionable that we put 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds who are in the military in harm’s way, but that we treat them with disrespect when it comes to our state’s legal drinking age.

“I just don’t get it,” he said.

Splaine, who was the primary sponsor of the 1983 legislation that increased the drinking age to 21, said he knew both sides of the argument to allow those 18 and older to drink, and now believes lowering the age is appropriate.

“As I’ve observed the results of the age 21 drinking requirement … I’ve come to the conclusion that raising the drinking age is an experiment that doesn’t work,” he said. “It has resulted in more problems than it has solved.”

What an amazing advocate for lowering the drinking age. You can’t find a better person to speak out on this issue. I am very impressed and pleased. We need to get this guy on every talkshow in the country.

Way to go Rep. Jim Splaine :b:

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  1. Does a lowered drinking age for military personnel intice kids to be in the military on top of the money they get? I mean talk about being irresponsible, this law just begs kids to enlist.

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