In addition to all the other exciting things going on within NYRA and the world of youth rights, NYRA has gained a new member of its Board of Directors, and new officers have been appointed by the board. Yonaton Yares, Director of Media Communications for NYRA, has resigned from the Board of Directors, and former NYRA intern Jacqueline Trumbull has been appointed to replace him. As an intern last year, Jacqueline has a proven history of being effective and getting things done, and will doubtless be an asset on the board.

Also, Chip Sinton, who was Vice President last year, has been appointed by the board as President, and Stefan Muller is the new Vice President. Former NYRA Director Pamela Tatz is replacing Yonaton as Treasurer, and Jessica Roeder, who was on the board last year, has been appointed to replace longtime NYRA member and Director Katrina Moncure as Secretary. The addition of these talented and dedicated individuals in our Board of Directors and officerships will enable us to get more done for youth rights in the year ahead.

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