Jeff Nadel is the young, eloquent founder of NYRA’s newest chapter, NYRA-Boca Raton. This chapter has just been approved in the last few weeks, but already looks very promising. Jeff has been talking with Alex Koroknay-Palicz, NYRA Executive Director, and together they have formed some exciting plans. The chapter has decided to use the summer as a planning period and then get things into full swing in the fall when they will begin recruiting members and pursuing goals actively.

Currently, the chapter’s main aim will be lowering Florida’s voting age to 16. A campaign for communication with Florida’s legislators is currently in the works. Qhile still a new chapter, they have received impressive press coverage about their campaign to lower the voting age. Nadel and several other chapter members were featured on the local ABC news station, WPBF. Anyone in the South Florida area who would like to join the chapter or to help out should contact Jeff.

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