NYRA is expanding the number of staff, and we have a great need for
volunteers.  There is always a great amount of work to do, if you have ever
wanted to get involved now is your chance.  Please review available positions
at our Internship Section.  Whether you have a talent in Writing, Art, Editing, Management, Outreach, Legal Services, or Leadership,
we’ve got a spot for you.  Please review positions here

Need Members for Board of Directors
It is now the midterm for the tenure of 2001-2002 Board Members and we have
had some turn over.  Alex Cotoia, Mark Stanford, and Matt Herman have all
resigned or been removed because of inactivity.  There are now 3 positions
open on the NYRA Board of Directors.  This body is the ultimate authority in
NYRA, it requires a good measure of committment and offers much prestigue.
Please apply here

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