MADD just sent out the following e-mail to their supporters.  They want to give Grand Theft Auto (GTA) an adults only rating because it features the crime of drunk driving (apparently all the murder, car jacking and other crimes in it are just fine with MADD).  “Drunk driving is not a game and not a joke” they say.  Apparently only responsible adults should drink and drive.  It isn’t appropriate for “youth”.

Oh wait, wasn’t MADD supposed to be opposed to drunk driving for *everyone*?  So why then would the game’s rating matter?  Why does MADD think it is somehow more acceptable for adults to drink and drive than youth?

Why also do they think limiting free speech is somehow an acceptable tactic in their anti-youth and anti-alcohol crusade?

MADD is encouraging their members to write the retailers below to pull GTA4 from shelves.  You’d be surprized what a few pissed off complainers can accomplish.  Don’t let MADD have the only say on this subject!

Write those same retailers and tell them that GTA is just a game and they shouldn’t stop selling it because a few mad mothers are upset over it.  Write them and tell them to stand up for free speech.

MADD’s e-mail:

Each year nearly 13,500 people die in drunk driving crashes and
another half a million are injured in alcohol-related traffic crashes.
This is why MADD is extremely disappointed by the decision of the
manufacturers of the game Grand Theft Auto IV to include a game module
where players have to drive drunk.

Drunk driving is not a game and it is not a joke. Drunk driving is a
choice, a violent crime and it is also 100 percent preventable. MADD
is calling on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board to reclassify
Grand Theft Auto IV as an Adults Only game, a step up from the current
rating of Mature and for the manufacturer to consider a stop in
distribution  if not out of responsibility to society then out of
respect for the millions of victims/survivors of drunk driving.

If you are concerned about the content of Grand Theft Auto IV, please
contact the retailers below and voice your opinion.
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Best Buy
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Circuit City
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EB Games and GameStop

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MADD Thinks Only Responsible Adults Should Drink & Drive 

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