NYRA President Jeffrey Nadel has been campaigning against his town’s illegally enforced unconstitutional youth curfew for a few years now. He’s met with city officials, organized rallies and protests, attended hearings, and filed suit in state and federal court. Before he did all that, he had to make sure he had the facts. Jeff used Findlaw.com to research the legalities of his case. At 17 years old, Jeffrey Nadel doesn’t have a high school diploma but he so thoroughly learned the ins and outs of curfew law that his knowledge was complemented by journalists and even by the curfew-supporting Mayor of West Palm Beach.

Findlaw.com is currently running their “When Life Gets Legal” video contest. Check out Jeff’s video and take a few seconds to vote for him. If we win, it will mean $5,000 for Youth Rights – which means more campaigns and more trained youth rights activists like Jeff. Vote for Jeff Here.

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