Happy New Year!

Sorry for the infrequent posting lately!

In 2010, we saw a lot of youth rights happenings. We took on the oppressive Kyleigh’s Law in New Jersey. We held an awesome RALLY in support of free speech at the Supreme Court, after generating a spectacular amicus brief! We successfully got the oppressive Mosquito device taken down in DC. We got directly involved with legislation to regulate abusive behavior modification facilities. We held the FIRST annual National Youth Rights Day (and the second is only three months away!). And much more!

Now the question is… what shall we do in 2011? How will we combat discrimination against youth this year, both as an organization and as day to day individuals? Important to remember the big campaigns are far from all there is to our youth rights cause. The bigger campaigns rely on each of our own smaller contributions to the effort, and it’s up to us to make those contributions, no matter how little they may seem to be. Contributions include letters to the editor, keeping a blog that discusses youth rights issues, making videos in support of youth, as well as good old-fashioned talking to people directly about these issues. As youth rights supporters, we all must be seen and heard!

So what will you do for youth rights this year? What would you like to see happen and how, if possible, can you help us all get there? Answer in comments!

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