NYRA has been making a splash this past month with quite a few radio and TV appearances. Executive Director Alex Koroknay-Palicz appeared twice on television, once on Fox News and again on the Mike and Juliet Show, and President Stefan Muller was on the Sirius Satellite Radio show “Me and Vinnie. In separate shows, Koroknay-Palicz and NYRA-New Orleans President, Ashley Campbell were both interviewed on the Ed Clancy Show on WGSO 990 AM radio in New Orleans.

What sparked all this media attention? The movement in seven states to lower the drinking age. In Kentucky, Wisconsin, and South Carolina, the movement is meant only for members of the military. South Dakota, Missouri, Vermont, and Minnesota hope to lower the drinking age to 18 for everyone.

To see the NYRA TV spots, go here. To hear Campbell’s radio appearance, go here. To listen to Stefan Muller’s Sirius radio appearance, go here. To read Koroknay-Palicz quotes in the Duluth News Tribune, go here.

Also, NYRA’s Blog, Age of Reason, has been heating up in recent days. Lots of great coverage for lowering the drinking age and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Also worth watching, during the Mike & Juliet Show, MADD’s founder, Candy Lightner insulted American troops. Be sure to watch that clip and pass it on to others who may be interested to know what MADD’s founder really thinks about young adults.

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