There’s a very exciting opportunity coming up for us next week. On Tuesday, November 28th after 8 AM, the Gates Foundation is teaming up with Facebook to match funds to non-profits up to $50,000 for each non-profit. We also have matching funds from an anonymous donor, which means that any donation we receive through Facebook or through  after 8 AM on #GivingTuesday can be tripled! You can turn $50 into $150!

Will you support us? There are two quick actions you can take:

Action #1 – Create a Facebook fundraiser: You can set up your own fundraiser AND invite 10-20 friends to donate to NYRA.

  • Go to and select “Raise money.”
  • Select Non-profit; then National Youth Rights Association
  • Select the total money you can raise as $1,000, and make sure the fundraiser goes through November 28.
  • Select an image. You can use the one we created here: Facebook #GivingTuesday cover photo
  • On Tuesday November 28, at 8 AM EST, invite friends to the fundraiser.
  • Let us know!

If you can’t donate, this helps us to spread the word. Please email us to let us know you set one up so we can maximize our funds! 

Action #2 – Set a reminder to donate: This opportunity is only available on next Tuesday, and it starts at 8 A.M. (EST). It’ll be going for several hours, but it is better to donate earlier so that our chance of getting matching funds is increased. Going to will direct you a Facebook fundraiser where your funds can be tripled!  Join our event on Facebook.

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