In an effort to raise money and encourage grass-roots activism, the National Youth Rights Association is sponsoring its first ever fundraising contest. The contest will run from now until June 1st. The individual who raises the most money in that time will receive a prize worth $100, and two runners up will be awarded $50 and $25 respectively. More information about these prizes will come later.

In addition, every NYRA member who raises over $10 will receive a NYRA button of their choosing, and every NYRA member who raises over $50 may pick out a NYRA t-shirt. If you raise $300, you will receive a signed copy of “Somebodies and Nobodies”, the book that inspired Senator John Vasconcellos to introduce the bill to lower the voting age. Individuals who raise over $500 will receive a signed copy of the Mike Males classic “Framing Youth.” There is also a competition between the various NYRA chapters. If you are affiliated with a chapter, the money you raise will count toward both your own total and the total of the chapter with which you are affiliated. The winning chapter will be awarded an ample amount of flyers, T shirts, and buttons, up to a $100 value. Send all cash and checks to NYRA – P.O. Box 5882 N.W. – Washington, D.C. – 20016. Be sure to include your name, address, e-mail, and the chapter you are affiliated with. Donations are also encouraged to be made via credit card online

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