A few months ago, NYRA Board Member Keith Mandell announced he would award a prize to whoever donated the most money by a certain date. NYRA promoted the contest on the forums and the mailing list, and the deadline was extended. NYRA’s fundraising contest raised a total of $1,050, falling far short of its $2,000 goal. While the results were somewhat disappointing, NYRA would like to express its sincere gratitude to everyone who participated. NYRA would like to extend an extra special thanks to Jeff Odgis, the winner of the contest. Jeff made a generous $250 donation. Donations are still needed though. NYRA is at a great crossroads. We now have a real office, interns, and a full time executive director. We have become the viable organization we have dreamed of for so long. But if we do not continue to receive donations from our members, this will all vanish. So far, NYRA’s national office has not received any significant grant money. Everything we have comes from people like you. If you can help out, please donate here.

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