After NYRA member Alexis Grant appeared in USA Today to argue against raising the driving age, Alex Koroknay-Palicz was invited to appear on Fox News to discuss teen driving issues. The appearance, which was covered in last month’s issue of NYRA Freedom, was an overwhelming success by all accounts. On the heels of that appearance, Alex was invited back to discuss teenage drivers and cell phones. He pointed out that NYRA is not necessarily against legislation aimed at curbing the use of cell phones while driving, but that we are against laws that target youth specifically. He also brought up the fact that even while using cell phones, teen drivers’ reaction times are about equivalent to those of senior citizens. Alex always presents a persuasive argument, but these last two appearances were especially convincing. It is likely that many tens of thousands of people watched the segment. It is also likely that some percentage of those people visited our website and cameover to our way of thinking. A video of the segment can be viewed at Alex’s blog, One and Four.

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