Without a vote, donating to political campaigns is one of the few ways for youth to take an active role in the political system. Recognizing this, the Supreme Court ruled recently to overturn a ban on campaign contributions from young people. The Federal Elections Commission is taking advice from NYRA’s legal advisor, Keith Mandell who is taking on the project pro-bono. He has been preparing comments to send to the FEC, in order to insure that young people are given as much of a right to donate to campaigns as possible. There are however, a few problems. Many young people do not have exclusive rights to their bank accounts, which could keep them from donating. Also, while there is no age limit, contributions have to be “knowing and voluntary”, and the FEC might set an age limit for when one can “knowingly” donate money. NYRA intends to shape the rules on this as much in favor of youth rights as possible. This is an excellent opportunity to make real change for the cause, and change that could set a positive precedent for future campaigns.

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