NYRA chapters continue to grow and strengthen. Most notably, NYRA-Paterson, NYRA-Orange County, and NYRA-Berkeley. The NYRA chapter in Paterson, New Jersey has shown a great deal of promise. They have been traveling throughout the city distributing information about the city’s authoritarian youth curfew. Someone donated a full sized van, and the chapter painted the NYRA logo on the side. With a whole van just for NYRA business, this is one of the most significant donations in NYRA history. NYRA’s Orange County chapter has been wildly successful so far. The chapter was much of the reason the California Democratic Party’s Executive Committee adopted a resolution calling for a lower voting age and more opportunities for youth participation in the democratic process. Convincing the Democratic Party in the largest state in the Union to officially endorse efforts to lower the voting age certainly ranks among NYRA’s greatest accomplishments.

NYRA-Berkeley has been lobbying for ACA17, a bill that will allow seventeen year olds to vote in primaries if they will be eighteen by the general election. The chapter has also held meetings with Mark Leno, a law maker from San Francisco. The chapter hopes that Leno will introduce a bill to allow for local choice for the voting age. Such legislation will allow municipalities to lower their voting ages if they wish to do so. NYRA-Berkeley also hopes to continue its work to lower the voting age to 17 for Berkeley school board elections. In addition to these important steps forward, NYRA welcomes its newest chapter, NYRA-Dallas High School, in Wyoming, PA. Two exciting new chapters are on the horizon as well, one in Fairfield County, Ohio and the other in Johnstown, PA. Fairfield hopes to attempt registering youth to vote to protest the voting age, and Johnstown hopes to mount a statewide campaign to lower the drinking age.

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