Evan Low is a California Assemblymember representing the 28th District and is no stranger to ageism. When he hit the streets to run for Campbell City Council at the age of 21, voters answered their doors asking, “What school do you go to?” or said, “I have shirts and ties that are older than you!” Two years later he ran again, and was elected this time. At the age of 31, he successfully ran for the California State Assembly, and is still one of its youngest members.

We met with Assemblymember Low to discuss his background and how becoming politically active at a young age has shaped his perspective. We also learned about ACA-10, the bill he introduced to put a ballot initiative before voters to lower the voting age in the State of California to 17. Evan is working to secure the votes necessary to pass the resolution in the state assembly, and we’re thankful for his advocacy on behalf of young Californians!

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