After a close election, NYRA’s membership has spoken. The membership
has elected Jessica Campbell, Scott Davidson, Zach Hobesh, Alex
Hull-Richter, Adam King, Alex Koroknay-Palicz, Keith Mandell, Katrina
Moncure, and Pamela Tatz to sit on the NYRA board of directors for the
2006-2007 term. All of the candidates were well qualified, and everyone
on this board possesses unique attributes that will strengthen NYRA over
the next year. The board of directors provides leadership for the organization and
hires the organization’s staff. Directors serve one year terms and
all members may run for the board.

NYRA members also voted on proposed bylaw amendments. The bulk of
NYRA’s important chapter policy was approved, but an essential provision
defining chapters as separate legal entities failed to receive the
necessary two-thirds majority. The new board is expected to re-approve
this bylaw, and bring it to the membership for a second vote next
summer. The membership also approved bylaw amendments regarding
attendance requirements for directors and officers, and other matters.

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