In these tough times, NYRA, like many non-profits, faces economic challenges. We are tightening our belts, but with your help, we can keep fighting effectively for youth rights. To ensure that NYRA as you know it keeps running in 2013, we need you to step up and donate before December ends.

You won’t be alone. An awesome group of youth rights leaders have already put together a matching grant. If you donate to NYRA by December 31, they will match your donation dollar-for-dollar up to $1,300 to start off ‘13. So if you give $10, NYRA gets $20. If you give $500, NYRA gets $1,000. You’ll do twice as much good for the cause and still enjoy all the other benefits:

  • Not yet a NYRA-member? Give $10 and sign up for membership; you’ll be a full NYRA-member for an entire year, enjoying the right to vote in our annual BOD election or even to run for the board yourself.
  • Already a member? Give $10 and we’ll add a full year to your current membership.
  • Donate $150 and you will enjoy lifetime membership – you’ll never again need to worry about renewing, and if we ever raise our membership dues, you won’t be affected.
  • And, as always, your donation to NYRA is tax-deductible.

Give securely online or mail a check or money order to:

National Youth Rights Association
P.O. Box 516
Rockville, MD 20848

And if none of that works for you, there’s still another way to send your donation. Many stores sell gift cards, for example from Visa or American Express, that can be used like credit cards. Buy one in cash (or ask for one as a holiday gift!) and use it to donate online.

With your help, NYRA will weather these tough times and will keep alive the fight for young people’s rights.

Be the Change

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