Washington Councilmember Jim Graham has introduced legislation that
will essentially ban young people from DC nightclubs and concert venues.
While Councilmember Graham is pursuing a far more palatable
version of the bill, as it stands now the legislation will “prevent
the entrance of persons under the age of 21 into alcoholic beverage
control licensed nightclubs, or into licensed establishments with
entertainment endorsements after 11:00 p.m.”

Councilmember Graham’s legislation was drafted in response to the
death of a 17 year old woman at a nightclub in DC, and NYRA is sure
that he has nothing but good intentions. We do, however, take issue
with the fact that this bill will limit the civil rights of young
people. In addition to NYRA, several nightclub owners and community
organizations are opposed to the bill as it currently stands. NYRA’s
Executive Director has attended meetings with Councilmember Graham,
and we hope that some reasonable compromise can be reached.

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