A Washington Post op-ed by William Frey of the Brookings Institution, a population studies professor at the University of Michigan, makes a good case for lowering the voting age.

Frey writes that “nearly half of the nation’s under-18 population is made up of racial minorities, while 70 percent of voting-age citizens are white. The United States is undergoing a boom in demographic diversity, but it’s the younger population that’s being transformed first,” and it is not being represented. In fact, 23% of the total U.S. population is below the age of 18.


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  1. Even in a diverse world, I find 18 is still a reasonably fair/ideal age to start the franchise despite them often being in transit after high school or other post high school pursuits. just because someone is too young to vote does not make them any less of a constituent and it does not mean their voices are less important. No matter where the voting age is set, there will always be plurality/percentage of the American people what will gripe and complain the voting age is/will be too high. It will get ridiculous after awhile.

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