I have no idea if this is legit, but today I noticed some stuff on Twitter that seems to be from a supporter of Fred Phelps and the hateful Westboro Baptist “Church”. Is it official? I have no idea, but this is what was said:

# @kpalicz Stop teaching youth to hate God,to say it is ok to be gay,and to rebel against parents
# @kpalicz I wish you change your life not to encourage the rebelious youth of the doomed America.WBC
# @youthrights Stop rebeling against your parents,you hellbound brats.The Laramie Project is a lie!Matt is a filthy faggot in Hell.
# @CalvinistKnight Listen troll.Alex Koroknay Palicz is a leader of the rebelious youth who kiss fag ass
# @youthrights God hates apostate youth.
# @youthrights God hates you rebelious disgusting youth

I’m still rather new and unfamiliar with Twitter, but the user who posted that is TruePuritan. This person has just 21 followers but has “tweeted” 1,721 times. Pretty much all hateful stuff the Westboro Baptist “Church” usually says. Have they really turned their sights on NYRA and youth rights?

More info as this develops.