Formerly NYRA-Paterson, this New Jersey chapter has recently expanded to include all of Passaic County. They have been campaigning heavily against curfew laws, under the leadership of Prospect Park resident Fredrick Mutooni. Mr. Mutooni, a parent of two whose children are both active NYRA members, received 1500 votes in his recent bid for a council seat. As he said, “all candidates that supported curfew laws lost. [I]n Paterson there will never be a curfew.”

Since the consolidation of Passaic County into one chapter, they have only been getting stronger. On Saturday, September 8th they had a recruitment drive in Prospect Park, and Mr. Mutooni’s daughter is currently working to start a chapter in her high school. A gallery from their recent Prospect Park outing is available here. More information on NYRA-Passaic County themselves can be found here.

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