NYRA Advisory Board member, Bennett Haselton has invented Circumventor, a program designed to circumvent all blocking software and censorship programs. The program works by creating a site mirror at different URLs not blocked by the censorware. Due to the success of Bennett’s organization, Peacefire, at disabling blocking software imposed on American teens, the US government hired Bennett to develop a way for Chinese citizens to get around the “Great Firewall of China”, the nationwide effort by the Chinese government to censor the information their people can access. Never forgetting his Youth Rights roots, Bennett has made the program available on the net for any youth wanting to get around CYBERsitter, Net Nanny, AOL Parental Controls, or any other censorware out there. Ironically the US government paid to develop a program to circumvent US government mandated censorship at schools and libraries. So download Circumventor today, and defeat censorware once and for all.

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