With an energetic rally on Saturday May 17, the Lower the Vote Coalition began its campaign to lower the voting age to 16 in the Maryland city of Takoma Park. Local TV was present to video tape the entire rally. A NYRA copy of the rally was made as well and will be made available on YouthRights.org. Rally speakers included Laura Finstad of NYRA-DC, Scott Beale of Youth Venture, Alexis Grant of NYRA-HP, Carolyn Darrow of the Youth Vote Coalition, Alex Koroknay-Palicz of NYRA, and Wendy Lesko of the Youth Activism Project. The campaign is attracting a good deal of support and assistance from area organizations; the Montgomery County League of Woman Voters is the latest group to voice their support for the campaign. Next the campaign will set up meetings with City Council members to discuss the issue more in-depth. “I am very pleased with the level of support from the area, and I am optimistic Takoma Park will soon be the first US city with a voting age of 16.” said NYRA President, Alex Koroknay-Palicz. Please click here to donate to the campaign.

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