The Board of Directors recently passed a resolution that will add
certain rules to the bylaws governing the creation and operation of NYRA’s chapters. The new bylaws will remain in effect until the general election this summer, when they must be approved by an affirmative two-thirds vote of the membership. The policy was written by the bylaws committee, which consists of Alex Koroknay-Palicz, Chris Howell and Scott Davidson, along with Keith Mandell, NYRA’s chapter development coordinator. The Board was overwhelmingly in favor of the new policy. Davidson was the only director who voted against it, despite having a hand in writing it.

The policy for the most part defined what standards a chapter must meet to be recognized by national. It also defines chapters as separate legal entities that do not fall under the incorporation of the national office. The second half of the policy addresses the issue of state chapters. It sets specific requirements for the creation of state chapters, and it places limitations on what they can and cannot do. The complete chapter policy may be found in the forums.

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