The new NYRA board of directors held its first meeting on the evening Monday, August 29th. Eight of NYRA’s nine directors were in attendance, and the agenda was packed. The board added Scarlett Swerdlow and Kevin Keenan to the board of advisors. The board appointed members to committees and discussed the possible creation of new committees. They also formally thanked Rich Jahn for his service to the organization. Recognizing the need for a chapter policy, the board referred the matter to a committee. The board also referred the possible addition of “alternate directors” to the bylaws committee.

Perhaps most importantly, the board elected officers. Alex Koroknay-Palicz, who has served as NYRA’s President for five years, decided to step down so he could focus on his role as Executive Director. Robert Reynolds was unanimously elected to serve as President. Pamela Tatz and Jay Leff were both nominated to serve as Vice President. Via secret ballot, by a vote of 5-3, Pamela Tatz was elected Vice President. Katrina Moncure was unanimously elected to the office of Treasurer, and Scott Davidson was reelected to a third term as Secretary.

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