We are now nearly two weeks into the 2004 NYRA Board election, and despite some problems it is looking like another good election season. The ballot was scheduled to be released on July 15, but due to some problems finishing the online election site, it was not released until early on the 17th. Eleven qualified individuals are competing for nine seats on the NYRA Board of Directors. The candidates are Scott Davidson, Jackie Fuller, Rich Jahn, Kevin Keenan, Alex Koroknay-Palicz, Keith Mandell, Charles Mangiardi, Johnathan McClure, Arpan Patel, Robert Reynolds, and Scarlett Swerdlow. Davidson, Jahn, Koroknay-Palicz, and McClure are running for reelection. All dues paying members are eligible to vote in this election. Subscribers who haven’t yet paid member dues are encouraged to do so. Dues are just $10 annually. A comprehensive election site has been created that has many good utilities. You can read the candidate’s statements, see the attendence record of the incumbents, read through the changes to the bylaws, and talk with the candidates online in our online forum. The election will continue until August 14. All members are strongly encouraged to VOTE!

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