The behavior modification industry is a hidden epidemic. The youth rights movement has long recognized the atrocities being committed in these “gulag schools”. Several sources report students routinely being punched, thrown to the ground, or forced to sit in painful positions for several hours. Inadequate food and medical care is also a concern. One former student has said, “…90-95% (of students) would rather have been in jail. At least you can read newspapers or see your family…” This is all standard operation procedure at behavior modification schools, which constitute a $5 billion dollar industry. Representative George Miller of California, the ranking democrat on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, recently proposed HR 1738, The End Institutional Abuse Against Children Act. This bill will provide funding to states to promote licensing, ensure that these programs are monitored, and establish federal penalties for child abuse in residential treatment programs. It will also take measures to protect young people in overseas facilities run by U.S. companies. Representative Miller was inspired to propose this legislation after his appeals to the Justice Department fell on deaf ears. The bill has received support from several other members of Congress. NYRA members are urged to write letters to their Congressmen on this important issue. If this bill passes, it will be a great hindrance to the sadists who run many of these schools, and it will do a great service to America’s youth. Visit NYRA’s web forums for more information.

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