NYRA-Berkeley is continuing its drive to lower the voting age in the city. NYRA-Berkeley’s proposal to lower the voting age to sixteen was approved by the Berkeley Youth Commission by an astounding 10-1 margin, with one abstention. NYRA Vice President Robert Reynolds, NYRA-Berkeley Treasurer Rio Bauce, NYRA-Berkeley Vice President Pamela Tatz, and other NYRA-Berkeley members were largely responsible for this victory. The City Council is being urged to support local choice that will allow cities and counties to lower their voting ages if they so choose. The Youth Commission also recommended that an amendment to the city charter to lower the voting age be put on the ballot. Robert Reynolds is optimistic about the May 24th city council meeting, where the possibility of lowering the city’s voting age will be discussed. NYRA-Berkeley reports that three city council members are firmly behind the effort, and that Mayor Tom Bates may support it as well. NYRA-Berkeley will be meeting with other council members to rally support. If it does, Berkeley will have the lowest voting age of any city in the United States, and it will be largely thanks to NYRA. It will generate a lot of media attention, and the issue will be thrust to the forefront of the American political discourse. The chapter has already created a stir in the local press, and if you think you can help generate media attention please email Robert Reynolds.

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